Submissions are supplements that have been finished or require files. Examples of the submissions include .pdf campaign books, token assets .zips, or similar game aides that are bundled together.

The Only War Loot Generator Table
Adapted from Adeptus-B's Underhive Small Items Generator, this table is for randomly generating the junk, treasure, and occasionally useful piece of gear an Imperial Guardsman might find on the battlefield or in between combats in a warzone. This was designed primarily for use in urban/Forge World settings, but feel free to adapt it or modify it as needed.
Dark Heresy 2 All Talents
All the talents from the 4 books from DH2. Each talent imparts a unique ability to characters possessing it. Once an Acolyte possesses a talent, it is always in effect. In most cases, the ability confers a bonus to certain tasks, or allows him to perform special actions not available to other characters. Talents differ from skills in that a player usually does not need to use an action or test to utilize the ability. In essence, once a character has a talent, his actions always benefit from that talent, unless noted otherwise. Specific details for the new abilities that a talent grants are...
Fanware AddOn for: Rivals for Glory [BlackCrusade]
[size= small][b]„Rivals for Glory“[/b] [/size](the BlackCrusade(tm) adventure from the GM-Kit) makes uses of a lot of random encounters as fillers between the relevant plot points, which is a fine thing if one intends to add additional scenes to it. Setting the 40K background aside, the whole affair is not unlike one of those high-fantasy adventures that dominated the RPG scene in the early days, and so inspiration for a little extra comes easy. After all, anything goes! In this document you will find additional [b]encounters[/b], some suggestions for [b]changes[/b] to the original...
Down the Sump-River
The GM-Kit for the 2nd edition of DarkHeresy(tm) included an adventure module named Desolation of the Dead. As it was often the case with DH missions, it included sections where the GM was encouraged to add his or her own encounter in order to add some more flesh to the bones. I enjoyed doing so, even for adventures that I have never played myself as a GM. Luckily, Desolation of the Dead was an exception to this rules (I actually have played it once), and I decided to polish my old notes and FFG-Forum posts to release them as a free fanware supplement. Enjoy!
Black Crusade - Apocrypha
An extensive fan source book for Black Crusade. It contains alternate corruption rules, expanding talents, new talents, post 100 Corruption rules, and revised Daemon Prince Rules. Lastly, it contains rules for Daemon Armor and expanded rules for Exotic Weapons. I hope you enjoy and if you see any errors or would like to provide constructive feedback, please message me through this site.
100 German, Neo-Romantic Starship Names
Would you like some GERMAN starship names for your games? Well, I am from Germany and I have 100 starship names for you, complete with an translation into the English language and/or an explanation of their meaning. Use them for your DarkHeresy games, for RogueTrader, for BlackCrusade or for any other space ship. There are names for warships, raiders, transports and merchant vessels.
The Trisdekan Primer
This document contains equal parts fluff and crunch for the regiments of a backwater Imperial stellar cluster in the Ixaniad Sector. In it you will find, amongst other things, a new Specialty, a new Skill, new Combat Actions, Orders, Talents, Weapons, Gear and Vehicles. From the Edelweiss and their tank-sized lizards, to the Tennanlowers who surf the sky on technicolour hoverboards, discover the rich weirdness of Subsector Trisdeka. This document is very much a work in progress, and formatting and content will improve with time, but as it stands everything included herein should be playable...
Alternate Psychic Phenomena [Table]
A long, long time ago I created a table with Alternate Psychic Phenomena for the first edition of Dark Heresy. I released it as a “bare-bone” PDF over rapidshare and along with a lot of some other of my provided material, but it got lost. Luckily, I found an old copy of said PDF and used it to create this new, DH2nd compatible version of my fan work. So, here it is! Simply use this table instead of the one found on p. 196 in the core rules whenever those results begin to bore you and/or your players.
10 Dealers of Illicit Goods
A long, long time ago I created 10 black market dealers for the first edition of Dark Heresy. Back then the Inquisitors Handbook (IH) was the hot stuff, Hive Sibillus was the seat of government, items had prices in Thronegelt, my English was truly horrible (or I was just sloppy) and the DH Gamemaster forum of FantasyFlightGames was buzzing. I am an oldtimer, I have found memories. Anyway, I stumbled upon the old topic with my ten black market dealers, corrected the grammar, got myself some artwork and decided to release them as a PDF. Oh! And you will find a lot of references in here to...
Mook Mass Combat Cheat Sheet
How to use this sheets? When the combat starts and it the goon group´s turn first decide upon the action each of them is going to take and then roll one (!) d10. The result of this one die tells you which of the [i]result groups[/i] from the cheat sheet you are going to use. Each result is applied to the NPC´s action, one after the other, and is crossed out afterwards. The next turn you will roll again to see from which group you have to take the results form. The same is done when it comes to Dodge or Parry rolls: just determine the group once per round and use the results you get from there...
The Warp-infested Dead
In 2011 the FFG-Forum user Brother-Captain Belfire had asked for input regarding a game centered on a zombie infestation on a graveyard world. For those who are not familiar with DH: the setting includes a lot of single-purpose planets, including worlds that are solely used for entombing the dead (as war heroes and/or holy person is resting there and a lot of people take up a lot of effort to be buried there, too) and some daemonic entities that can either animate or possess the dead (and some non-daemonic entities doing so, but that is a different matter altogether). My contribution to his...
Houndrat: the simple name sums the creature up quiet well, as it looks very much like a mixture of hound and a rat, with the size, the body, the snot and the teeth all very close to that of an American Bull Terrier, with the average specimen being 17 inch (43 cm) tall and weighing about 40 lbs (18 kg). The creature is not having a visible neck but the otherwise rat-like, triangular shaped head seamlessly joins with the broad body of the beast. The legs are short but powerful and a houndrat is a quick runner, so it lacks the endurance for more than a short sprint. It sports the naked tail...
The Devouring Tome; revised (DH2nd)
Some people devour books. Some books devour people. A Devouring Tome is a hand written folio or manuscript whose topic centers on the occult and arcane and often is a witch´s grimoire. For a Devouring Tome is a book that has become possessed by an evil entity that spreads forbidden knowledge but claims the minds that seek it. Reading in it can reveal practices of the forbidden arts, the names of demons and their ilk, formula for elixirs and potions, powerful spells or wisdom regarding creatures, lands and artifacts of myth. study such a treatise is to invite doom.
Ten Servo Skulls
A long while ago, after I had created a little article about how one could go about generating names for servo skulls, I started out with the idea of creating a little list with 20 different, new servo skulls. But right at the moment, only ten servo-skulls came to my mind and I thereby "finialize" this attempt of me for now and provide what I have: ideas and rules for ten servo skulls, either as gear for player characters or simply as added flavor to the 40k world.
Sights & Scenes for a Hive
Sights & Scenes for the Hives of 40k is a play aid for GameMasters that provides narrative scenes to make a hive come alive during an RPG session. The first half was written for no hive in particular while the second half was originally written for “Hive Volg”, which is on Fenksworld and part of DarkHeresy 1st Edition Calixis Sector. Happy gaming!