War World Rules

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War World Rules

In the original thread, I volunteered to do rules for a War World, and I got finally got around to it.

War World Rules

Characteristic Modifiers
+ Ballistic Skill, + Toughness, - Intelligence

Fate Threshold
3 (Emperor's Blessing 6+)

Home World Bonus
Ready for the Front: Your character starts with the Hardy talent.

Home World Aptitude


Recommended Backgrounds
Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Ministorum, Imperial Guard, Outcast

I went with a bonus to Ballistic Skill because most wars in the 41st millennium are fought with firearms of some sort; if you're still fighting with melee weapons a Feudal or Feral homeworld is probably more applicable. I was less sure about what to choose for the second characteristic bonus, but I eventually settled on Toughness since individuals in from this type of world face dangers on the battlefield as well as shortages of vital supplies on the homefront as everything is repurposed for the war effort. For a similar reason, I chose Intelligence as the characteristic penalty as few resources would be available for proper schooling.

I decided to give these characters three fate points as that's the most common number. I went with 6+ for the Emperor's Blessing to give a decent chance for that extra fate point, but I didn't want it to be as easy as characters from a Daemon world (4+).

The Home World Bonus is the part I'm not really sure about. I had difficulty coming up with a rule that didn't seem arbitrary or had a too specific use case, so I went with the easy route of choosing a talent. In this case, I went with hardy as soldiers have too often return quickly to the front line as being wounded. Similarly, civilians can't rely on ready access to medical facilities as most supplies are appropriated by the military.

There were a few viable options for the aptitude, such as agility and fieldcraft, but I went with defense as both civilians and soldiers must be prepared to be in the line of fire.

Wounds was another tricky option. Up to this point, I've established a theme of fortitude for these characters and I wanted to continue that by having them start with nine or ten wounds. I settled on ten since that is shared by only one other homeworld (Penal Colony), but I wouldn't be opposed to nine or even eight.

What are your thoughts?

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 10:44
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Non-constructive thoughts:
Home World Bonus - boring.
Wounds - a lot.