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An early attempt at making a squat homeworld option for Dark Heresy 2nd. Currently devoid of fluff and being worked on with suggestions.

Squat Void Ark

Intelligence +, Toughness +, Agility -

Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor's Blessing: 10)

Homeworld Bonus

High Gravity Accustomed: Squat characters are immune to the movement penalties (And ONLY the movement penalties) of high gravity environments.

Homeworld Aptitude: Toughness

Homeworld Traits: Scrawny (Size 3), Sturdy

Wounds: A squat character starts with 9 + 1d5 wounds

Suggested Background: Heretek, Imperial Guard, Outcast, Rogue Trader Fleet

And a potential role bonus for later.

Grudgebearers: A Squat may spend a fate point to treat attacks against an enemy they have a Hatred towards as though their weapon had 1 level less in the Vengeful quality. (A weapon without this quality effectively becomes a Vengeful (9) weapon) This effect will persist until the end of a combat.