Combat Actions

Dark Heresy
Action Action Subtypes Description
Killing Field Full Action
Defends a position against charging ennemies
Dead Shot Free Action
Replace reactions with ranged attacks.
Tempest of Shells Free Action
Depletes ammo supply to fill a zone with bullets.
Gun Katas Full Action
Attack, Melee
The character fights with fluidity with guns in melee combat.
Supreme Katas Free Action
The character concentrates of precise hits and cuts with his weapon.
Combat Anticipation Half Action
Lose initiative to get better counter attacks.
Aggressive Combat Style Free Action
Attack, Melee
Reduce maximum damage to get the initiative in combat.
Keeping the Distance Free Action
Stay away in melee to limit the opponent's opportunities to attack.
Flurry of Blows Attack
Gives the character the option to attack two times with the same half action.