Houndrat: the simple name sums the creature up quiet well, as it looks very much like a mixture of hound and a rat, with the size, the body, the snot and the teeth all very close to that of an American Bull Terrier, with the average specimen being 17 inch (43 cm) tall and weighing about 40 lbs (18 kg). The creature is not having a visible neck but the otherwise rat-like, triangular shaped head seamlessly joins with the broad body of the beast. The legs are short but powerful and a houndrat is a quick runner, so it lacks the endurance for more than a short sprint. It sports the naked tail one would expect from a rat, but much shorter and thicker.

The Devouring Tome; revised (DH2nd)

Some people devour books. Some books devour people. A Devouring Tome is a hand written folio or manuscript whose topic centers on the occult and arcane and often is a witch´s grimoire. For a Devouring Tome is a book that has become possessed by an evil entity that spreads forbidden knowledge but claims the minds that seek it. Reading in it can reveal practices of the forbidden arts, the names of demons and their ilk, formula for elixirs and potions, powerful spells or wisdom regarding creatures, lands and artifacts of myth. But... study such a treatise is to invite doom.

The Warp-infested Dead

In 2011 the FFG-Forum user Brother-Captain Belfire had asked for input regarding a game centered on a zombie infestation on a graveyard world. For those who are not familiar with DH: the setting includes a lot of single-purpose planets, including worlds that are solely used for entombing the dead (as war heroes and/or holy person is resting there and a lot of people take up a lot of effort to be buried there, too) and some daemonic entities that can either animate or possess the dead (and some non-daemonic entities doing so, but that is a different matter altogether). My contribution to his request for input: a small number of “special zombies” to beset his players with.
Dark Heresy

Shou Dynasty - Rogue Trader of the Askellion Sector

Shou Dynasty The Shou Dynasty has only been formed in the last millennium with the end of the Angevin Crusade, though it was almost a thousand years ago this still makes them incredibly young for a Rogue Trader house, as such their power is small but has been growing steadily over the centuries. [Lore yet to be added]   NPC Refferences; === Hantā / Hunters (Troop) The Hunters are the Shou Dynasties line enforcers and troops using them rather than Arbites when pressing the law, while the Arbites still have a presence on the Shou worlds it is minimalistic at best, the Dynasty much preferring dealing with their own internal affairs. The Hunters also stand as the army of the Shou’s, slightly better equipped than the regular guardsman by sporting Carapace Armour and Mesh Cloaks and a...
Dark Heresy

Dragon Knights

The Dragon knights were founded to be the Space Marine Chapter that would bolster the Periphery region’s defences considerably in the Askellon Sector. Though consisting of only a thousand warriors, the presence of the Dragon Knights nearby has been sufficient to deter many insurrections in dozens of the surrounding sectors. The Dragon Knights can mobilise their rapid Strike Cruisers at a moment’s notice and there are very few foes that cannot be suppressed, if attacked quickly and brutally enough, by a single strike force from this Chapter.   (WIP Full profile, and image to come. This right now is just a place holder.)

The Val Dynasty

The Val Dynasty is the largest and most influential dynasties that frequents the Mandragora Sector, and they hold allegiance with many Imperial Worlds within the sector. The Mandragora Sector is one of the ancient holdings of the family, and many worlds including the sector's capitol of Hecuba planetary governors hereditary noble lines are off-shoots from the dynast-family.  The current head of the house, Nirvana Val, is an enigmatic figure and veteran of the Angevin crusades first and second phase pushes into the Calyx Expanse. Lending her houses to the war efforts, Nirvana Val has recently returned to the Mandragora for refits of her mercantile fleet, the Fleet of Unending Substantiality, at the orbital yards of Hecuba Primaris. The House of Val is famous and legendary in the Mandragora...
House of Val