Palmcrantz Volleylas

Techpriest Oleg Palmcrantz of Niva Gustav was only a young initiate of no note when his research outpost was attacked by Ork Freebootaz. Outmanned and Outgunned, the resourceful Palmcrantz used spare parts and damaged M36 lasguns to create a fearsome anti-infantry weapon. He connected a standard charging station to a multi-use power pack, then wired eight lasguns into the charger and synchronized their triggers, creating a volley weapon that fired eight lasbolts simultaneously. Armed with several of these improvised weapons, Palmcrantz and his cohort were able to hold off the orks long enough for Mechanicus forces to arrive, and he was commended for his bravery and ingenuity. He was able to sidestep charges of tech-heresy by the simple fact that none of what he had created was actually new- literally all the parts of the so-called 'Volleylas' were standard-issue that could be manufactured on any Forge World.

The legend of the Volleylas soon spread across the Ixaniad and Calixis Sectors, and it has become a common sight on secondary fronts where heavy weapons are needed that require little in the way of maintenance or advanced machinery to construct. Easy to break down into its component pieces and then reassemble in the field, the Volleylas is well-liked by PDF troopers, guerilla units and drop regiments alike, and it makes a valuable addition to any Imperial gun line. Plamcrantz Volleylas weapons are frequently mounted on vehicles as an improvised firepower expedient, or fixed on carts to hold trench lines against infantry. The weapon's only real flaws are its occasional cooling issues, as the close cluster of the barrels tends not to radiate well, and its poor anti-armour capabilities.

Weapon Class: 
Weapon Type: 
Rate of Fire: 
1d10 + 3 E
52.00 kg
2 Full
Reliable, Overheats, Concussive (1)
Average (AV)
Armoury Category: 
Ranged Weapon