The Imperium has relatively few inhabited Ice Worlds, and fewer still where humans can operate on the surface unaided. On many of these worlds, and on countless others that see snow on part of their globes, skis are a common tool used for locomotion and recreation. Though the shape and design of the ski varies from world to world, and even from region to region on such worlds, they are generally simple long flat surfaces which connect by a flexible binding to the outside of a boot or shoe, distributing the weight of the user over snow and ice and allowing them to slide along at a considerable pace.

It takes a Full Action to put on or remove Skis. With skis attached, characters recieve a -20 penalty to all Dodge and Acrobatics Tests. They cannot move through Difficult or Dangerous Terrain that is not covered in snow or ice, but they ignore the negative effects of such snowy or icy terrain. Once Skis are attached to a character's feet, they have two movement options available:

Stepping: The character walks normally, though somewhat awkwardly due to the skis. They halve their Agility bonus for the purposes of determining Movement Speed.

Sliding: The character slides along in a gliding, shuffling motion. On flat snowy or icy terrain, they increase their Agility bonus for the purposes of determining Movement Speed by 2. When moving, they cannot turn more than 45 degrees in one turn unless they make a Full Action to move- that is to say, a character in Skis cannot move half their Half Action speed, turn at a right angle, and move the other half. On downward-sloping terrain, the bonus to their Agility increases by +1 for each turn that they continue downhill. There is no maximum limit to the speed they will gain. After having spent 3 turns continuously skiing downhill, the character must make an Agility Test on the beginning of each subsequent turn; the difficulty of this test begins at Challeging (+0) for their fourth turn of continuous downhill skiing, and increases by -10 for each subsequent turn, to a maximum of -30. If a character should fail their Agility Test, they are knocked Prone, and take 1d10 + the increase to their Agility Bonus Impact damage. A character can choose to give up their Reaction for a round to prevent their speed from increasing during their turn. A character can spend a Full Action, and make a Challenging (+0) Agility Test to come to a complete stop on skis. Failing this Test causes them to fall Prone.

Skis and Weapons: While Skiing, a character can use one-handed pistol or melee weapons as normal with no penalties, though they cannot make Aim Actions while moving on skis. Characters can use two-handed Melee or Basic weapons at a -10 penalty, and again lose the benefits of any Aim Actions.

Armoury Category: 
Gear Type: 
Average (AV)